lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008

This must be one of Tom Scott's most sought after albums. Released in 1967, this was Tom's debut as a leader. For the ones that only dig his mid seventies material, which is definitely more funky, 'The Honeysuckle Breeze' may come as a surprise. Together with The California Dreamers, Scott delivered an album that just oozes hippie. Flowers, peace, love and happiness, the whole nine yards. But still you have to check it out. Of course the famous track on this album is 'Today', since it was sampled heavily in Pete Rock and CL Smooth's 'They Reminisce Over You'. 'Today' was also recorded by Jefferson Airplane, by the way, and their version, too, is superb. And believe me: beat diggers will definitely find more very famous samples. But the greatest thing is to hear how Tom Scott sounded when he started; a hint of funkiness already shines through, here and there. Hard to get by, but to be found right here at 256 Kbps! -------------------------------------------------- post says Baby Grandpa op

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