lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008


------------------------ Thanks to his comment in the reply field I finally established that it was Mike who requested this fabulous Love Unlimited Orchestra LP. Since I have the album, I decided to put it online so that we all can enjoy this lovely diamond again. The Love Unlimited Orchestra of course was the 40 piece support unit for Barry White throughout almost his entire career. Barry White initially formed the orchestra as a back up for the girls of Love Unlimited, and eventually the orchestra supported White himself as well. The biggest hit the Love Unlimited Orchestra had was "Love's Theme"; a very Love Boat-ish track with an irresistible groove and infectious wah-wah guitar throughout. It's been said that "Love's Theme" made White an instant multi-millionaire. Since the internet offers an overwhelming amount of very interesting information on Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra, I'm not going to rehash all of the details now. Let's focus on the album featured here today. "Music Maestro Please" is a fabulous album and I think it's the ultimate proof that even a 40 member orchestra with strings and all can sound funky is hell. Barry White did all of the arrangements, sometimes together with others, conducted the orchestra and produced the entire album. And you wonder how he did it, 'cause White makes the whole thing sound tight, crips and funky. The funk DJs and beat diggers amongst us will certainly lick their fingers over tracks like "I Wanna Stay" and "Midnight Groove"; not only because they've been sampled to the hilt, but also because they're superbly danceable. The opening track, "Bring It On Up" once had it's intro sampled by the house formation T99 for their hit "Anastasia", but besides that it's a lovely dance cut with a fat break in the middle. We have "It's Only What I Feel", a very enjoyable track that'll make the sun shine through and don't forget to check out "You're All I Want", 'cause it shows all the Maestro has in store when it comes to arranging music. All in all, "Music Maestro Please" is a superb piece of work that will light up your day and make the funk DJs smile. Or in the words of Barry White himself: "Music For The People/Wherever There's Music/There's Love". And I couldn't have said it any better. The original album is not available on CD. Let us all enjoy the Maestro, of course at 320Kbps. Let's see those replies, folks! ------------------------------------ post says Baby Grandpa op

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