lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008


This is Osibisa's third album, 'Happy Children' released in 1973. A great, energetic album with superb Afro funk, chanting and percussion. I dug this one up on a fair with cheap second hand stuff. I'd been looking for this record for a long time, since the last track on the b-side is an absolute floor filler for every D.J. That song is 'Fire' and represents everything Osibisa stands for. Not a lot of people know that the original master tapes of this album have long been lost. Every CD reissue of 'Happy Children' is, in fact, a vinyl copy mastered for compact disc. You'll find full album covers and in-depth info on the master tape issue within the download. Go ahead and check it out at 320 Kbps!

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