martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

Herbie Mann - Returns to the Village Gate

By 1961, flutist Herbie Mann was really starting to catch on with the general public. This release, a follow-up to his hit At the Village Gate (two songs are from the same gig while three others actually date from seven months earlier), features Mann in an ideal group with either Hagood Hardy or Dave Pike on vibes, Ahmed Abdul-Malik or Nabil Totah on bass, drummer Rudy Collins and two percussionists. Mann really cooks on four of his own originals, plus "Bags' Groove," blending in the influence of African, Afro-Cuban and even Brazilian jazz. Worth searching for. - AMG
Artist: Herbie MannAlbum: Returns to the Village GateYears: 1963 (1961)Label: Wounded BirdTotal
time: 36:28
Personnel:Herbie Mann (Flutes) Hagood Hardy (Vibraharp) - 1,2
Ahmed Abdul-Malik (Double Bass) - 1,2
Rudy Collins (Drums) Chief Bey (Percussion) Ray Mantilla (Percussion) Dave Pike (Vibraharp or Marimba) -
3-5 Nabil Totah (Double Bass) -
3-5 Tracks:
1. Bag's Groove (Milt Jackson) 8:34
2. New York Is a Jungle Festival (Herbie Mann) 9:53
3. Candle Dance (Herbie Mann) 5:30
4. Bedouin (Herbie Mann) 7:48 5. Ekunda (Herbie Mann) 4:43

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