jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Touba Auto K7 Vol.1 Volume One

This a quick post. Having already posted the second volume of the wonderful Touba Auto K7's featuring Number One de Dakar, it's time for the first volume. I refer you to Aduna's site for more cassettes from the same remarkable label, and, if no one else will, I will post some more volumes of other orchestras in the (not too distant, if I can find more time) future. Strangely, two tracks of this volume ("Adouna" and "Guantanamera") were repeated on the second. Apart from a difference in speed, which may be due to the physical condition of the tapes, I think the tracks are the same. And the last note of "Mambay Fary" is missing, which may suggest that my copy is a pirate version. But it's still a very enjoyable cassette. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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