viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Mambo Atomico

"you're a jazz group. you have been together for two and a half years. you play here; you play there, you start happening. you've got a dancing, grooving beat that keeps people coming back. you're "out of sight". you're called the hi-fly orchestra (THFO). only one and a half years after the successful debut album THFO strikes back. again, the tunes have been recorded live on a 16-track tape machine, delivering an authentic and original sound. although the band consists of six men, one man is responsible for keeping the group at performance peak when sideman leave and others take their place - one man holds everything together and was responsible for forming the group - the leader and sax/flute player, florian riedl. instrumentally, the sound effects and expressions are achieved by the use of flute, saxophone, trombone, piano, congas, double-bass and drums, a particularly good combination of instruments to gain a great effect. this album is not completey jazz-oriented, but it displays the variety of the talents of the band. it will let you hear and feel what is to be expected from them. the hi-fly orchestra are happening … you can happen with them. Tracklistings 1. Carioquinha 2. Polonesa feat. Miriam Aida 3. Crosstown Traffic 4. Mrs. Shing-A-Ling 5. Hi-Fly Stomp 6. Mambo Atomico 7. Afro-Boo 8. Chove Chuva feat. Miriam Aida 9. Gettin' Down 10. The New B! 11. SP Samba " Es un sexteto de Munich, pero su sonido dista bastante del alemán. Se trata de un combo de latin-samba-mambo-dance-groove-acid-jazz (toma ya!) en el que suenan el saxo, la flauta, el trombón, el piano, el bajo, la conga, la batería, la percusión… Y cómo suenan! 100% orgánico y acústico, que de vez en cuando también apetece desenlatarse un poco. De hecho, la intención de los miembros de THFO era recuperar el sonido del jazz clásico de la época blue note, sin samplers ni sintetizadores por el medio pero con un marcado carácter de baile."..................... -------------------------------------------------------- “Strictly for the dancefloor”, así definen su sonido en su MySpace y yo estoy totalmente de acuerdo. “Mambo atómico” (2008, ajabu! / Tramp Records) es su último álbum (CD y vinilo) y de nuevo el título me parece totalmente acertado, porque su sonido, aunque va mucho más allá del mambo (hard bop, cool/west coast, funky, groovy, free jazz), en efecto es atómico (y rompe pistas). En este disco, grabado en directo, cuentan con la voz de Miriam Aida en dos temas, a parte de otras colaboraciones instrumentales. “Mambo atómico” incluye 9 temas entre los que se encuentra una versión guapísima del “Crosstown Traffic” de Jimi Hendrix. Florian Riedl (sax, flute) Johannes Herrlich (trombone) Christian Gall (piano) Jerker Kluge (bass) Hajo von Hadln (drums) Norbert Küpper (percussion) The grooviest work so far from the Hi-Fly Orchestra -- a set that moves even farther past the sublime territory of their debut, into a really classic blend of soul jazz and Latin rhythms -- produced to perfection with a wonderfully solid feel! Instrumentation here is all live -- a blend of sax, flute, trombone, Fender Rhodes, piano, and plenty of percussion -- all handled with a feel that takes us back to some of our favorite territory on Verve Records from the 60s, those wonderful records that blended elements from the Latin underground with some of the harder jazz leanings of the period -- a legacy these guys are happy to add to with their wonderful grooves. Miriam Aida guests on vocals on two cuts, but most titles are instrumental -- and tunes include "Afro Boo", "Carioquinha", "Polonesa", "SP Samba", "Mrs Shing A Ling", "Hi Fly Stomp", "Mambo Atomico", and a surprisingly groovy cover of "Crosstown Traffic". © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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