domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008

Yo! Hot Latin Funk from El Barrio

VA - Yo! Hot Latin Funk from El Barrio (2002) Vbr You need this record. Yes, that means you. Track Listings 1. Yroco - Jimmy Sabater 2. I'm Satisfied - Joe Bataan 3. Sing a Simple Song - Mongo Santamaria 4. 110th St. and 5th Ave. - Tito Puente 5. Verdad (The Truth) - Cortijo & His Time Machine 6. Cisco KidTurkish psych / funk / break-beat, 7. You Need Help - Mongo Santamaria 8. Yo - Bobby Valentín 9. Somebody's Son - Harlem River Drive, Eddie Palmieri 10. Return to Spanish Harlem - Bobby Matos, Tony Middleton, Tony Middleton 11. Besito Con Mozancha 12. Lay an Oz on Me Baby - Luis Aviles, 13. New Breed - Louie Ramirez 14. Ponte Duro - Roberta Roena Y Su Apollo Sound Import exclusive compilation featuring 14 killer Latin funk bombs. Tracks, Jimmy Sabater 'Yroco', Mongo Santamaria 'Sing A Simple Song', Joe Bataan 'I'm Satisfied', Tito Puente '110th Street & 5th Avenue', La Crema De New York 'The Cisco Kid', Monguito Santamaria 'You Need Help', Bobby Valentin 'Yo', Eddie Palmieri With The Harlem River Drive 'Somebody's Son', Cortijo & His Time Machine 'La Verdad', The Latin Blues Band feat. Luis Avilez 'Lay An Oz On Me Baby', Tony Middleton 'Return To Spanish Harlem', Louie Ramirez 'The New Breed', Pete Rodriguez 'Besito Con Mozancha' & Ray Barretto 'Abidjan Revisited'. Harmless. ----------------------------------------------------------------
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