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Herbie Mann, Glory of Love, 1967

CTI/A&M LP, 1967 1 No Use Crying 2 Hold On I'm Coming 3 Glory of Love 4 Unchain My Heart 5 House of the Risin' Sun 6 The Letter 7 Upa, Neguinho 8 Love Is Far Stronger Than We 9 Oh, How I Want to Love You 10 In And Out Herbie Mann, fl Roy Glover, Roland Hanna, Paul Griffin, p, org Ron Carter, Earl May, bs Grady Tate, Herb Lovelle, ds Ted Sommers, Roy Ayers, vibes Ray Barretto, Ted Sommer, Johnny Pacheco, perc Eric Gale, Jay Berliner, Sonny Sharrock, gtr Hubert Laws, fl, piccolo plus horns and unidentified chorus (full session details on scan) Produced by Creed Taylor First off, this is a shout out to The CTI Never Sleeps, a great blog collecting the diverse output of Creed Taylor's various CTI imprints. I saw this on the want list and happy to oblige. Creed Taylor was a jazz producer on a mission: he had an idea for a jazz label that was all about the brand, the packaging. He started off founding Impulse! records with its orange and black spines and edgy artist photography, and an adult sensibility somewhere between jazz and a slightly harder easy listening. He didn't stay long at Impulse! and moved on to the new A&M label getting his own CTI imprint where every album cover featured starkly colorful semi-abstract photography and minimal, modern typography: the music inside was star-studded and slick, squeezing together jazz, soul, bossa, and easy listening into one shiny easy-to-consume confection. He moved on to his own CTI label in the 1970s formulating what we think of as the classic CTI sound with a rotating stable of musical stars and a formula of high-concept slick, slightly electric pop/jazz brilliance. This album is from Taylor's A&M period, and fronted by flautist Herbie Mann, it features a stellar line-up of soul-jazz studio musicians. There's a lot of pop soul here, and a sampling of the latin styles that both Mann and Taylor were known for. You'll find young Roy Ayers and Sonny Sharrock here (dig Ayers' awesome vibes solo on the cover of soul hit "The Letter" for a virtual blueprint of his Ubiquity sound). Listen to Ayers and Sharrock duet on the cover of "Hold On I'm Coming" over the unrelenting funk of Grady Tate on drums. Edu Lobo's "Upa Neguinho" gets a terrific treatment. The title track is pure CTI schmalz. And capitalizing off Taylor's eye for turning adult pop hits into jazz is "Love Is Far Stronger than We" covered from the A Man And A Woman soundtrack. "Oh How I Want To Love You" is a slinky sexy grind of a song, and, gasp, actually a Herbie Mann original. Some of this is plenty dated sounding; neither Mann nor Taylor were known for exactly cutting-edge avant-gardisms. But they aimed to spin the familiar into something better than the sum of its parts and that's pretty much what you get here. ---------------------------------------------------------- Posted by ish at -------------------------------------------------------- from the long out of print CD reissue (1986!) 320 kbps mp3 cd rip ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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